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Tour de Fleece EpicFail
Well, its pretty self evident by now that I'm failing in my plan to spin all those different fibers during tour de fleece. In fact, the only spinning I've even done was the first day of the tour, in Yellowstone! I spun a little of the bison (thought that was appropriate for starting the tour in Yellowstone...) Here's a pic of the bison spinning, please disregard the totally creepy expression on my face! The spindle is the beautiful ebony one that Nic and Jess gave me for my birthday. It spins beautifully!

I guess I should have realized that when I average having time to spin an ounce a week or less, that trying to spin 10 times that much a week during an exceptionally busy month wasn't going to happen! 

New plan- I thought about saving all these different fibers for next year's tour de fleece and doing then what I meant to do this year, but I don't want to wait that long to spin them! I will still be posting all the breed info, etc for each as I get them spun, it will just be spread out over the next months.

Since we got back from Yellowstone, instead of spinning, I've been cleaning out my apartment... which needed it badly. When I had to choose between access to the sink and access to the spinning wheel, it was time to get rid of some stuff! That was a choice that would have ended badly for my hygiene... but things are much better now. And better organized as well. I even found some more vintage patterns I'll be listing in etsy! 

More Yellowstone and more etsy coming in new posts soon!

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