Catching up and leaving town
Well it has been one heck of a busy week! It started with my birthday last Friday, when my brother came to town for a visit. (Best birthday present ever!) Followed by a great sushi dinner with a whole group of friends. We went to this fantastic all you can eat sushi place in Denver, and we ate SO MUCH SUSHI. and tempura. and teriyaki. And then had cake and played cards at Nic and Jess's place. One of the best birthdays I've had, so thank you to all my wonderful friends for making it special!

I had a relaxing weekend with Ryan and my brother, hiking, watching soccer (go Germany!) and watching Toy Story 3 (fantastic movie!)

Since the weekend I've been going at a frantic pace- trying to get work and prep/planning/packing done for Yellowstone, and still spend some time with my brother. We leave early tomorrow, so its almost vacation time...

There will be more Mary Maxim patterns listed when I get back, I doubt I'll have time before we go.

I'll also be starting my Tour de Fleece projects while we're camping- I'm taking Bison, Yak, and Angora to spin on my new birthday spindle (Ebony!)! Since I won't have internet, expect all of those Tour de Fleece spinning info posts upon my return.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, and cross your fingers Germany makes it to the semis on Sat!

Another batch of vintage patterns...
8 more patterns are up! View them in my etsy shop here:

the first 2 are for kids age 4-6, the next 2 are for women/teen sizes, and the last 4 are adult sizes. Today I've also uploaded the "basic" pattern- lots of pullover and cardigan options, without a colorwork pattern.

Get 'em while they're hot!
Vintage patterns have been selling like hot cakes!

Here's some more I just listed for sale on etsy- still more to come!. View them in my etsy shop here:

2 children's cardigan patterns today, one women's/teen, and the rest are adult sizes. football, skiing, animals... lots of fun!

Lookie Lookie!
What could possibly be a perfect follow up to that EPIC goal in the USA vs. Algeria game?

I got THIS tweeted at me right after the game: 

kp_stacey You wouldn't know it was summer in the office: @KP_Kate modeling IDP pattern by @yigejiejie

with THIS pic of my blanket! Thanks Knit Picks, this made my day! (USA advancing helped though)

Today's vintage knitting patterns:
Here's some vintage knitting patterns I've listed for sale on etsy- more will be listed soon. View them in my etsy shop here:

All but the first one are adult sizes again, but the first one is women's and teens. there are some cute patterns today! I love the Norwegian stars and the grizzly bears!

Vintage knitting patterns for sale on etsy!
Here's some vintage knitting patterns I've listed for sale on etsy- more will be listed soon. View them in my etsy shop here:

All 5 of these are adult cardigan patterns, with various colorwork charts!

Oh, goody!
My exciting news for today is that my pattern is up on Knit Pick's website! Check it out here!

I'm getting close to having things ready for Tour de Fleece- went through and organized my spinning stash, found all the fiber I'm supposed to be spinning in July...

I'm getting together my research on breeds/species that I'm working with, most of my info is coming from this awesome book! :

I will specifically site other sources as I use them, but (for the sheep breeds anyway) my info is mostly coming from this book.

Cabled Wedding Blanket = all done!
And on its way to Knit Picks. Here's a pic!

Tour de Fleece plan details...
Well, I've made my plan for what fibers I'll spin during the Tour de Fleece.

Overcommited much?

tussah silk
Spindle or wheel is mostly determined by whether I will be taking it with me or spinning at home on the given day. I'm counting it as a success if I spin some of the requisite fiber each day, so I don't necessarily have to finish ALL of the fiber each day. However... I only have 4 bobbins for my wheel and 3 spindles, so I can't have more than 7 fibers going at any time, so I'll have to finish most of them!

This may not sound like that much to spin each day to some of you, but I usually spin about an ounce a week or less...

July 3- Bison, 1oz, spindle
July 4- Yak, 1 oz, spindle
July 5- Angora, 1oz, spindle
July 6- Llama, .75oz, spindle
July 7- Wensleydale, 1oz, wheel
July 8- Cotswold, 1oz, wheel
July 9- Bamboo, 4.75oz, wheel
carbonized bamboocotswold
July 10- Cashmere, 2oz, wheel
July 11- Icelandic, 2.5oz, wheel
July 12- Rest Day, Catch Up
July 13- Churro, 6oz, wheel
July 14- Flax, 1.75oz, wheel
July 15- Mohair, 1.4oz, wheel
July 16- BFL, 0.5oz, spindle
July 17- Camel, 0.1oz, spindle
July 18- Polworth, 1oz, spindle
July 19- Teeswater, 1oz, spindle
July 20- Rambouillet, 0.7oz, spindle
July 21- Rest Day, Catch Up
July 22- Lincoln, 1oz, wheel- this is the Challenge Day, my challenge is spinning lockspun yarn
July 23- Pygora, 2.5oz, wheel
July 24- Tussah Silk, 2oz, wheel
July 25- Hair, 3.4 oz, wheel

Yes, that says hair. What, you think other animal's fluff is so different from ours? Well, I'll find out on July 25th.

That's a total of 21 different fibers- 3 plant fibers, 9 breeds of sheep, 3 breeds of goat, and 6 other animal fibers.
Its also 1 Carbonized fiber, 2 Dyed, 4 Painted, and 14 Natural Colored fibers.

I can't wait!

Selected photos of fibers I'll be spinning- tussah silk, bamboo, cotswold, teeswater, churro.

Getting ready for Tour de Fleece 2010!
I've been putting off all the pre-Tour work I need to do to get ready because, frankly, its a lot, and a bit overwhelming, given my current plans... but I just saw today that team sign ups are well underway, and its time to get preparing! 

Don't know what Tour de Fleece is? Its a ravelry event held every year during the Tour de France. Check it out here: I just joined the LSG team... you can see that thread here:

So what's this overambitious plan you ask? Well, I've collected enough different types and breeds of fiber to spin a different one each day of the tour. They range in quantity from less than half an ounce to 12 ounces, though I don't expect to spin ALL of the ones that are of a larger quantity.

I bought most of these fibers as roving or top, so I don't need to do much spinning prep, just one that needs washing and one or 2 others that need carding, along with 2 that I plan to spin as locks that I want to pick open in advance.

But, I want to blog about my spinning experiences during the tour, so I have a lot of prep work for that! Here's what you can expect to see:
Photos before and after- the fiber, and the spun sample of yarn
My experiences- how I liked spinning each fiber, the challenges I had to deal with, etc
Info about the Fiber- (this is the part I want to research ahead of time!) Info about breed, staple length, uses, history, etc.

Tour de Fleece (and Tour de France) kicks off July 3rd, so look for lots of spinning posts then!
There should be lots of adventures to report, as during the Tour my spinning with have to travel along on camping trips and possibly even out of the country!


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